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A comfortable, ultra-lightweight performance rain jacket from Salomons.
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Weather resistance

Our Verdict

The S/lab Gore-Tex Shakedry is the second, upgraded version, of the Salomon S/LAB Motionfit 360 jacket. And you can feel the improvements. Most notably in the jackets ability to let your body breathe.

The jacket is very light (136g) and it will protect you against both wind and rain. We ruthlessly tested the jacket in heavy rain and wind. No complaints there. 

The jacket fits incredibly well while you’re running. You hardly feel you’re wearing it. However, you do hear it. The gore-tex materials make quite a lot of noise while you’re running.

Most definitely a buy!


The jacket itself is very breathable. Very well made. We tested the jacket during long, and intense, workouts. And not once did we feel the usual claustrophobic sweat you get when using cheap non-breathable rain jackets. You couldn’t feel you had the jacket on, great stuff! 

You can of course sweat in the jacket if you put on too many baselayers. it’s not foolproof in that regard! As we experienced ourselves a few times. Salamon thought about this too. 

The jacket itself has a zipper that you obviously can open to let in cool air. Usually, when you do this while running at least, you turn into a sort-of para shoot gather all the air you run towards. A clever mechanism Salomon added to counter this is a small button beneath the zipper that will hold together the jacket when you open the zipper. Smart!


One is the ability to stow the jacket around the waist on the move in the stretch waistband. Salomon makes this look easy in the promotion video. However, I never seemed to figure it out. I end up either stuffing the coat in my pack or tying it around my waist like any other jacket.


Another function the jacket has is the ability to stow away the jacket around your waist, while you’re running. This doesn’t function very well. We just ended up tying the jacket around our waists like, like we would with any other jacket. 

Stowing the jacket away: as advertised
S/LAB GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY review reality from packing it down
Stowing the jacket away: Reality

The S/lab Gore-Tex Shakedry is a premium running jacket. But we found that it’s also excellent for any outdoor trips, such as hiking and canoeing. 

Due to the light materials, it’s possible to pack the jacket down very tightly so it doesn’t take up much space in the pack-pack. 


The jacket has a great fit. It offers maximum freedom of movement and feels exceptionally light when you’re running. 

If you’re wearing a running pack with extra clothing there the fabric has extra volume on the back of your jacket, which allows you to wear it over a running pack.

Feature: Elasticated helm

The hood has a tight fit around the head. However (and this is great) your head doesn’t sit tight against the outer shell of the hood. Instead, it fits snugly in an inner helmet made of light fabric. I have a big head, and it fits great! The inner helmet makes the hood very comfortable to wear during heavy rain.   

S/LAB GORE-TEX SHAKEDRY review helm and hoodie

Weather resistance

The superlight GORE-TEX fabric is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and durable while remaining lightweight. This makes it ideal for anyone wanting high performance, even on rainy days.

Salamon and the S/LAB series

Salomon’s S/LAB collection is a product line made in collaboration with elite athletes. Salamon itself is a brand that is focused on the athlete and what they need to succeed. And you can definitely feel that when using their products. In fact, Salamon was founded in the early 1980s by a former Olympic skier.

When it comes to performance, the S/LAB series clothing is lightweight and breathable so you won’t be weighed down by unnecessary material. They focus on creating base layers that are made with advanced technology to keep you warm when it’s cold outside while also making sure they are breathable so you don’t sweat too much in the warmer months. Salamon doesn’t make any compromise on materials in the S/LAB series. The products are incredibly high quality However, it also comes with a price tag following thereafter.

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