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Salomon Pulse Belt

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As a fitness enthusiast and avid runner, I have tried and tested numerous running belts over the years, and I must say that the Salomon Pulse Belt is one of my favorites.

In this review, I will share my personal experience with the product and provide insights into the various features and benefits of the Pulse Belt.

Design and Functionality

The Salomon Pulse Belt is a lightweight belt designed to eliminate bouncing and irritation while running or engaging in other outdoor activities.

The stretch zippered pockets are strategically placed and provide ample room for essentials such as your keys, cards, GPS, phone, and soft hydration flask.

One of the things I appreciate about this product is its versatility; it can be used by runners, hikers, skiers, travelers, and anyone looking for a hands-free option to carry their most essential items.

The Pulse Belt comes in four different sizes to ensure a perfect fit, and the four-way stretch mesh fabric provides maximum breathability to keep you cool and comfortable during your races or training runs.

I found the belt very comfortable, and it stayed in place without riding up, causing irritation, or chafing.

The belt’s tubular fit is precisely engineered to wrap around the body and create a customized fit for each runner, which I found very useful.


Another standout feature of the Pulse Belt is its stretch-zippered pockets.

The pockets provide ample space to hold my phone, keys, cards, and a small hydration flask.

The pockets are strategically placed, allowing me to access my gear easily and quickly while on the go. The bags are stretchy enough to accommodate my gear without being bulky.


The Salomon Pulse Belt is designed to keep you comfortable while you run or engage in outdoor activities.

The belt comes in four different sizes, and the four-way stretch mesh fabric conforms to the shape of your body, ensuring a customized fit.

The material is lightweight and breathable, and it stays in place without riding up or causing discomfort.

The elastic jersey material that covers the belt is soft and comfortable enough to wear directly against the skin, but it can also be worn over running clothes. Overall, I found the Pulse Belt very pleased and didn’t cause irritation or chafing.


The Salomon Pulse Belt is a durable product that can withstand extensive use. The four-way stretch fabric conforms to the shape of your body without losing its shape or new look and feel, and the elastic jersey material allows the belt to stretch and move freely without the fear of ripping or tearing.

The pocketed sections of the belt are stretchy enough to accommodate your running accessories, and I never had to worry about them tearing.

The belt is thin and breathable, but it still manages to hold up to extensive use, which is impressive.


The belt has three stretch storage pockets, perfect for holding my essentials.

The diagonal bungee stretch straps provide extra storage and can be used to store hiking poles.

The reflective detailing on the belt enhances visibility during low-light conditions.


One of the best things about the Salomon Pulse Belt is its price.

It’s reasonably priced compared to other running belts in the market. For its price, it’s a high-quality product that’s durable and reliable.

The bottom line

Overall, the Salomon Pulse Belt is an excellent running belt that provides ample space to hold all my essentials. The four-way stretch mesh and elastic jersey material make it comfortable, even on long runs.

It’s durable, lightweight, and versatile, making it ideal for runners, hikers, skiers, bikers, and travelers.

The pockets are strategically placed, allowing easy access to my gear while moving. I highly recommend the Salomon Pulse Belt to any runner looking for a reliable and durable running belt.

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