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Salomon Agile 250 Running Belt

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Are you a runner or a hiker looking for a convenient, lightweight way to carry your essentials on the trails? If so, the Salomon Agile 250 running belt may be just what you need.

Here’s my review of the Salomon Agile 250, complete with personal stories and pros and cons.

The Design

One Soft Flask and Room for Storage One of the first things I noticed about the Salomon Agile 250 running belt is that it comes with one 250ml soft flask that collapses and stows away in a zipper pouch.

The Salomon belt also has another compartment for storage, so you can easily carry your phone, keys, and fuel.

How Much Can it Carry?

I decided to put the Salomon Agile 250 to the test on a reasonably long outing above the Colorado River.

I found that the belt was easily able to fit the full water flask, a phone, and some fuel. Outside of those items and throwing in some keys, this would be about the threshold for carrying capacity.

This seems like plenty to me, and should allow an athlete a decent time on the trails without the need for a backpack (obviously, use discretion when wilderness areas come into play — it may be necessary to haul more supplies for safety reasons).

Personal Experience

Perfect for Recreational Runs As someone who is 6’2″ and nearly 230 lbs, my water consumption is generally high.

When it comes to racing, I believe this design would be maddening. Attempting to unzip the belt, retrieve the flask, return it, and zip up all while running would be a major hassle.

However, for a recreational run where pace is less important, slowing down or stopping to retrieve the bottle is no big deal.

Does the Belt Bounce?

One of my concerns with the Salomon Agile 250 running belt was whether it would bounce while I was running. I found that the belt stayed nice and snug without bouncing, but I did notice that a partially empty soft flask would bounce around inside the compartment.

When I started the run, the full flask was nice and snug.

As I drank water, it began to collapse and shift around. Moving parts can drive me nuts on a run, but for some, this may not be a big deal.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a soft flask that collapses and stows away in a zipper pouch
  • Roomy compartment for storage
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Snug fit that doesn’t bounce


  • Not ideal for racing due to design of the hydration flask compartment
  • Partially empty soft flask may bounce around in the compartment

The bottom line

Overall, I can recommend the Salomon Agile 250 running belt for recreational runners and hikers who want to get out for a longer trek without carrying a backpack.

The belt is comfortable and has a good carrying capacity.

However, if you are racing or can’t stand shifting gear while running, I can’t recommend the belt. For hiking, the shifting shouldn’t be very noticeable, and I suspect this would become a perfect belt for those routine evening hikes and walks.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight, convenient solution to carry your essentials on your next adventure, give the Salomon Agile 250 running belt a try

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