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Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale

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The Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale is a modern, reliable, and easy-to-use kitchen appliance designed to accurately measure ingredients for cooking and baking. This comprehensive review will delve into the scale’s features, design, accuracy, ease of use, durability, and value for money, as well as provide a verdict on whether it is a worthwhile investment for your kitchen.


The Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale features a sleek and modern design, with a stainless steel weighing platform and an easy-to-read LCD display. The compact size (7.09 x 5.51 x 0.71 inches) allows for easy storage in a kitchen drawer or cabinet. The stainless steel platform is not only stylish but also resistant to stains and easy to clean.


One of the most crucial aspects of any kitchen scale is its accuracy. The Etekcity EK6015 excels in this area, as its high-precision sensors ensure measurements are accurate within ±1g (0.1oz). This level of accuracy is essential when measuring small quantities of ingredients, such as baking powder, spices, or yeast, as slight variations can significantly impact the final product’s taste and texture.

Ease of Use

The EK6015 is incredibly user-friendly, making it suitable for all skill levels. The scale has two buttons: one for power/tare and another for changing units of measurement. The LCD display is clear and easy to read, even in dim lighting, thanks to its blue backlit feature. Additionally, the scale’s non-slip feet ensure stability during use, preventing accidental spills and errors in measurement.


Constructed with a stainless steel platform and high-quality plastic, the Etekcity EK6015 is designed to withstand regular use in a busy kitchen environment. The scale is also equipped with an overload indicator, which alerts users when the maximum weight capacity is exceeded, preventing damage to the scale.

Value for Money

Given its accuracy, user-friendly design, and durability, the Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale offers excellent value for its price. It is an affordable option for those seeking a reliable and accurate kitchen scale without breaking the bank.


The Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale boasts several features that make it an excellent choice for both amateur and professional chefs. These features include:

  • High precision measurement: The EK6015 is equipped with four high-precision sensors, allowing it to provide accurate measurements ranging from 3g to 5kg (11 lbs). This makes it suitable for measuring ingredients in various recipes, from delicate pastries to hearty casseroles.
  • Multiple units of measurement: The EK6015 can display measurements in grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lbs), and milliliters (ml). This versatility enables users to measure ingredients according to their preferred units or switch between units easily when following international recipes.
  • Tare function: The tare function allows users to reset the scale to zero, making it simple to measure multiple ingredients in the same container. This reduces clutter and the need for multiple measuring cups or bowls.
  • Auto-off feature: The scale automatically turns off after two minutes of inactivity, conserving battery life and ensuring that the scale is ready for use whenever needed.


Overall, the Etekcity EK6015 Digital Kitchen Scale is a high-quality, accurate, and user-friendly scale that caters to various cooking and baking needs. Its sleek design, stainless steel platform, and easy-to-read LCD display make it a valuable addition to any kitchen.

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