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Looking for a budget and beginner-friendly running belt? Check out Eono Running Waist Belt Bag!

It’s perfect for beginner runners, but not recommended for long distances.


When it comes to comfort, I’ve ranked the Eono Running Waist Belt Bag 7 out of 10. Personally, i find it great. However, some users have reported experiencing discomfort during longer runs.


ne of the main selling points of the Eono Running Waist Belt Bag is its affordability. Compared to other running belt bags in the market, the Eono Running Belt is considered one of the cheapest options available. Its price tag is attractive to those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to pricier options. For this reason, it receives a rating of 9 out of 10 in terms of price.


With two zip pockets, you can store all your essentials such as your phone, keys, and cards. The fully adjustable elastic strap fits waist sizes from 67cm to 108cm.

Compatible with most smartphones, this waist belt bag is a versatile accessory for workout, running, walking, hiking, cycling, travelling, and shopping. It’s also made of ultra-light, breathable, skin-friendly, and odorless material with durable zippers.

Fit: One size. Storage: Two zip pockets.

My Personal Experience with Eono Running Waist Belt Bag

I’m not a beginner. But i was looking through Amazon to find budget friendly running belts to review.

After stumbling upon Eono Running Waist Belt Bag on Amazon, I decided to try it.

The first thing that caught my attention was the affordable price and waterproof feature. It’s not often you find a running belt that ticks those boxes.

Fitting my phone (an iPhone 12 in a case) and keys in the pockets, I found the belt to be perfect for short runs and gym workouts.

The pockets are just big enough to fit the essentials, but not much else. I found the elastic belt to be useful to keep the bag tightly around me and the buckle feels sturdy.


While the Eono Running Belt may seem like a great deal, it does come with a few drawbacks that could be a dealbreaker for some users.

One major issue is that the material is not very forgiving, making it uncomfortable to wear on longer runs. Some users have reported experiencing friction burns, which can be quite painful and lead to injury.

Additionally, the elastic waistband, while helpful for keeping the belt in place, can also cause the unit to slide down during runs. This can be particularly frustrating for runners who need to constantly adjust the belt to prevent it from falling off.

Another downside is that the pockets are relatively small, which can be limiting if you need to carry a lot of items with you.

Finally, some users have reported that the belt does not stay completely waterproof, so it may not be the best option for running in heavy rain or wet conditions.

A Good Starting Point for Beginner Runners

Overall, I found Eono Running Waist Belt Bag to be a good starting point for beginner runners. While it may not be suitable for longer runs or experienced runners, it’s perfect for short runs and gym workouts. With its waterproof feature and affordable price, it’s a good option for your first foray into the world of running.

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