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Coospo H808S Heart Rate Monitor

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As someone who takes my fitness seriously, I was excited to try out the Coospo H808S Heart Rate Monitor Armband, an updated version of the popular Coospo HW807. After using the device for several workouts, I was impressed with its accuracy, convenience, and durability.


One of the standout features of the H808S is its longer battery life, which Coospo claims can last up to 30 hours on a single charge.

This longer battery life came in handy during my longer workouts and endurance events, and the device’s USB-C charging port was more convenient and faster than the magnetic charging cable used by its predecessor.

This is a significant upgrade that I appreciated since I no longer had to worry about running out of battery during my workouts.


The H808S’s improved LED display was another feature that I appreciated.

The display was bright and easy to read, even in bright sunlight. This was a marked improvement from the HW807, which had a smaller and less bright display.

The H808S uses a five-color LED system to indicate different heart rate zones, which helped me monitor my intensity level and adjust my workout accordingly.

The vibration alert was also a helpful feature that kept me on track during my workout.


As someone who has struggled with the discomfort of chest strap heart rate monitors, I appreciated the comfort of the H808S’s adjustable strap, which fit snugly without constricting my breathing.

The device’s photoplethysmography technology accurately measured my heart rate, and the Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity allowed me to easily pair it with my favorite fitness app. This made it easy for me to track my progress and set fitness goals.

Value for money

While the H808S is more expensive than some other heart rate monitors on the market, I believe the device’s accuracy, convenience, and durability make it a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about their fitness. The device’s accurate heart rate monitoring helped me stay on track during my workouts and set realistic goals for myself.

The longer battery life, improved LED display, and USB-C charging port were all features that made my workouts more convenient and enjoyable.

The bottom line

Overall, I would highly recommend the Coospo H808S Heart Rate Monitor Armband to anyone looking for a comfortable and accurate way to monitor their heart rate during exercise. This device is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the HW807, and its longer battery life, USB-C charging, and improved LED display make it an even more valuable fitness tool.

While there are a few cons to consider, including the device’s limited heart rate zones and compatibility issues with older devices, these are relatively minor compared to the many positive features of the H808S. If you are serious about your fitness and want an accurate and convenient way to monitor your heart rate, the Coospo H808S is an excellent choice.

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