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COOSPO H6M Chest Heart Rate Monitor

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When my beloved Garmin HRM-Run finally kicked the bucket a few weeks ago, I was forced to switch to relying on the optical heart rate measurements from my Fēnix 5. While the results were adequate, I found myself missing the accuracy and reliability of my trusty chest strap. So, I began my search for a suitable replacement, which led me to the CooSpo HRM H6.

Design and Compatibility

The CooSpo HRM H6 is a sleek and simple black pebble-shaped heart rate monitor with a red strap that goes around your chest. It accurately transmits your pulse to compatible training equipment via ANT+ or Bluetooth, making it an ideal replacement for my old Garmin HRM-Run. The best part? The CooSpo HRM H6 costs only $29.99, making it the cheapest option on the market.

Box Contents

Inside the HRM H6 box from CooSpo, you’ll find the heart rate monitor itself, along with a user manual and a replacement battery. The HRM H6 is a bit bulkier than the older HRM-Run, but it sits comfortably on the chest strap and isn’t noticeable during workouts.

Battery Life and Water Resistance

Like most heart rate monitors, the HRM H6 is powered by a CR2032 battery, which is included in the package. CooSpo claims that the battery should last a year, and I have yet to experience any issues with the battery life. The device is also IP-67 rated, meaning it can withstand reasonable levels of moisture without malfunctioning.

Comfort and Fit

The strap material is a bit softer than Garmin’s, making it more comfortable for extended use. I typically run the entire strap briefly under a tap before putting it on, which lubricates the electrodes round the front and stops the back of the strap from sliding down my torso. This method worked just as well with the CooSpo HRM H6 as it did with my old Garmin HRM-Run.

Pairing and Data Accuracy

The HRM H6 pairs with compatible devices like any other ANT+ sensor and Bluetooth smart devices. During my workouts, I experienced no spikes or drop-outs, just predictable, accurate HR data. The heart rate monitor also has excellent connectivity and syncs seamlessly with fitness apps, such as Strava and Apple Health.


In summary, the CooSpo HRM H6 is an excellent replacement for anyone in need of a new heart rate monitor. Not only is it the cheapest option on the market, but it’s also accurate, reliable, and comfortable to wear during workouts. I highly recommend this product to anyone in need of an affordable and effective heart rate monitoring solution.

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