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CAMELBAK Unisex Ultra Belt Pack

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Are you tired of bulky hydration packs that weigh you down during your short runs?

Look no further than the Camelbak Ultra Belt.

As a runner who enjoys running in the mountains, I can confidently say this hydration belt is the perfect companion for longer runs (2-3 hours)

Why I Love the Camelbak Ultra Belt

The Camelbak Ultra Belt includes a 17oz (500 ml) Quick Stow flask, a zippered phone pocket, gear capacity of 2L/120 cu in, trekking pole carry, multiple pockets for storage, and is ultra-lightweight at just 70g/2oz.

The belt even comes with an affordable price of £42.50 on Amazon, making it a worthwhile investment.

What makes the Camelbak Ultra Belt so great?

For starters, hydration is key in warm weather, and the Ultra Belt allows you to stay hydrated while keeping the weight and friction from additional layers off of the upper body. While handhelds and hip packs are great options, the Ultra Belt has great storage possibilities while keeping the bounce to a minimum.

With the ability to stash your keys, large phone, and some food in the belt, you can take off running without any discomfort.

The zippered phone pocket ensures that you won’t lose your phone while traversing rocky terrain, and the dividers make sure you don’t mix your sticky trash with your keys. The Ultra Belt also has chords for holding poles, jackets, and more.

I don’t like running with both poles and water in it because the bounce can be distracting, but I prefer keeping my poles there rather than having to grab a larger pack on hot days.

Additionally, I love to keep my hands free when I am navigating more technical sections. My handheld has been used to break a few falls, but having both hands to grab rocks or branches is helpful.

The Quick Stow flask is also amazing.

The bottle opening is larger than other soft flasks, making it easier to fill up quickly and clean. If I am heading out on a longer run where I will need a full liter, I pack one flask in the belt and then hold the other one, stashing the empty one in the extra pocket of the belt once I am done. That allows me to stay out longer and run lighter.

One additional bonus is the ability to stuff the belt in my bag while traveling, without having to pack a larger vest with me.

Finding times to train while traveling is always difficult for me, but this makes it a bit easier.

Cons: What You Should Keep in Mind

While I love the Camelbak Ultra Belt, there are a few cons to keep in mind before purchasing.

If you are going to be out all day, you will want a full pack if you won’t have aid stations, or be doing loops.

While I plan on using this for my upcoming 50-mile race, some of the longer training runs, or when the weather could get ugly, I will make sure I have my pack.

While I love the larger mouth of the flask, I did feel like I needed to suck harder than other flasks to get the same amount of water out of the nozzle.

It wasn’t a big deal, but I was a bit surprised that the bite valve was like that.

The bottom line

In conclusion, the Camelbak Ultra Belt is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a lightweight and minimal hydration belt that offers plenty of storage options.

It’s great for summer training sessions lasting up to 1.5 hours, and it’s particularly helpful for those who prefer to keep their hands free while running.

While it may not be the ideal choice for all-day outings or races without aid stations, it’s definitely worth considering for shorter runs and races where you want to minimize weight and bulk.

Overall, I found the Camelbak Ultra Belt to be a valuable addition to my running gear, and I would definitely recommend it to others who share my preference for minimalism and functionality.

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