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1000 Mile Titan Runners Pack

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When it comes to keeping my essentials safe and secure while out running, walking or cycling, the Titan Waist Pack has been a great addition to my training gear.

Comfortable and Secure Fit

Made from stretch Neoprene material, the waist pack sits snugly to the body, ensuring a comfortable, bounce-free ride.

The larger main pocket is flexible and molds to the body, reducing the likelihood of movement during activity.

The classic two-pocket design allows for easy storage of items, with the front pocket being made from an elasticated mesh fabric to account for odd-shaped items.

Spacious Main Pocket and Convenient Headphone Port

The large main pocket measures approximately 18cm x 10cm x 2cm, which is spacious enough to fit most mobile devices.


The pocket has a rubber opening for headphone cables, which eliminates any interference from a zip. This feature allows you to access your headphones without having to open the pocket, ensuring your phone or other device stays secure.

Reflective Details for Added Safety

The Titan Waist Pack also comes with reflective details, which give added visibility during low-level light conditions, ensuring you can be seen by other road users.

Adjustable Fit and Additional Storage

The waist pack has a fully adjustable belt with a loop to hold excess, allowing you to achieve the perfect fit.

The clip on the belt also ensures quick on/off access. The waist pack has a rubberized opening on the front, which allows the headphone cable out rather than through the zipper opening.

There are two reflective spots on the pocket front, and two small reflective straps hold the belt ends tidy.


One limitation of the Titan Waist Pack is that if you don’t have a training playlist and like to frequently change your music, you will have to take it out of the pack, which could be a hassle.

Personal Experience

As someone who uses their mobile as my musicplayer, I found the Titan Waist Pack to be perfect for use when running or during gym work.

I found strapping my phone to my arm restrictive and didn’t allow me to carry other essentials like keys or change.

The waist pack’s clip is pretty solid, and the belt is nice and wide, preventing it from digging into you.

The pack itself is slimline, so it can sit quite unobtrusively under your top if required.

The pack is made of neoprene material, which keeps your phone, and the small zipped mesh pocket on the front will hold your house keys and/or money. The main pocket zipper has a fob attached, making it easy to grip even with wet hands.

In my case, the main pocket holds my Iphone 7 in a rubber bumper case, allowing the headphone jack plug to extend vertically from the top of the phone and with space still left over.

The bottom line

While the Titan Waist Pack may not be perfect for everyone, I found it to be a useful addition to my training gear.

Its comfortable fit, spacious main pocket, and reflective details make it ideal for outdoor activities, and the adjustable fit and additional storage options are added bonuses.

If you’re looking for a waist pack that can hold your essentials securely while you’re out training or enjoying outdoor activities, then the Titan Waist Pack might be the right fit for you.

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